Remembering Elliott Carter After 10 Years

Remembering Elliott Carter After 10 Years

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of Elliott Carter’s death. In honor of this, we look back at some of the beautiful and touching tributes from his closest friends, colleagues, and collaborators. A complete list of tributes published through our website can be found here.

“What a remarkable composer he was and an equally remarkable human being. What a privilege it was for me to have such a close relationship with him and to be with him all these years.” - Virgil Blackwell

“His consummate class and elegance are a gift to us all, and the legacy of the depth and intelligence of his music will live on far into the future, as successive generations discover it.” - Jeffrey Mumford

“…to have had the privilege of working and socializing with a man who not only was a genius, but a true gentleman with a warm, loving and generous heart…was a gift for which I will ever be grateful.” - James Kendrick

“Knowing Elliott, benefitting from his wisdom and his wit, was the lighthouse beacon of my life. His joy in his friends, in travel, in reading, and his interest in all the music of others was the example one wished to follow.” - Ursula Oppens

“Who was Elliott Carter? He was one of my musical fathers. He was a composer who felt that if he entertained his own ear he could engage the audience’s ear.” - Fred Sherry

“That thirty-year relationship has been one of the most important and rewarding of my life, and I will always remember that broad smile, impish sense of humor, and intellectual curiosity” - Janis Susskind

Some notable events celebrating Elliott Carter and his work in the coming weeks include Conservatorio Antonio Vivaldi’s WHAT NEXT? Elliott Carter: Estetica e Ricerca, a study day in honor of the 10th anniversary of Carter’s passing, featuring a conference and concert around the composer’s works on November 5 and a special panel featuring papers by Christian Carey, John Link, and Peter Smucker at the AMS/SMT/SEM joint annual meeting in New Orleans on November 10.

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