I have rarely had a more difficult task than writing a tribute to Elliott Carter. I worked with Elliott, first as a publisher and later as his lawyer and foundation manager, for more than 27 years (or as I used to joke, half of my lifetime and a quarter of his). One rarely meets true geniuses (in that, I have been luckier than most). But to have had the privilege of working and socializing with a man who not only was a genius, but a true gentleman with a warm, loving and generous heart, a sparkling wit and a range of experiences and knowledge that could scarcely be believed, was a gift for which I will ever be grateful. And the wonderful thing is that when one listens with open ears to Elliott’s incomparable music, you can hear all of this pour out of him and into your very being.

Thank you for everything, Elliott. Your music, your spirit and your good works will live forever.