What Next? (DVD)

Boston Symphony Orchestra (2008)

Rose: A bride and a performer - Kiera Duffy
Harry or Larry: A bridegroom and a clown - Chad Sloan
Mama: A mother and much else - Jamie Van Eyck
Zen: A supposed seer and not much else - Lawrence Jones
Stella: An astronomer - Christin-Marie Hill
Kid: A boy - Rebecca Danning
Roadworders: Ulysses Thomas, Randall Umstead

Director: Doug Fitch
Assistant Conductor: Eva Ollikainen
Rehearsal Pianists: Alan Hamilton, Hiromi Fukuda
Musical Preperation:
Linda Hall, Lucy Shelton, Howard Watkins
Assistant Director: Tim McLoraine
Technical Director: Ramsey sandelin, Jr.
Audio Producer: Tim Martyn
Recording Engineer: Pamela Harght