Elliott Carter: Double Concerto; Duo for Violin and PIano

Nonesuch H-71314 (1975)
Track Listing

Double Concerto (22:36): Recorded at Phonag Studios, Lindau/Zurich, in cooperation with Elite Recordings, Inc., New York. Recording directors: Helmuth Kolbe (Phonag Studios), Joanna Nickrenz (Elite Recordings, Inc.). Engineering: Helmuth Kolbe, Robert Lattmann (Phonag Studios)
Duo for Violin and Piano (17:24): Recorded at RCA recording studios, New York, under the supervision of the composer. Engineering: Paul Goodman. Recording director: Joanna Nickrenz (Elite Recordings, Inc.). Recorded with the assistance of the McKim Fund
Mastering: Robert C. Ludwig (Sterling Sound, Inc.)
A Dolby-system recording
Design, Art Direction: Paula Bisacca
Orchestra I (harpsichord): Paul Dunkel, flute/piccolo; Douglas Hill, horn; Allan Dean, trumpet; John Swallo, trombone; Raymond DesRoches, Claire Heldrich, percussion; Jacob Glick, viola; Jeffrey Levine, contrabass
Orchestra II (piano): George Haas, oboe; Allen Blustine, clarinet/piccolo clarinet; Donald MacCourt, bassoon; Joseph Anderer, horn; Howard Van Hyning, Richard Fitz, percussion; Linda Quan, violin; Fred Sherry, cello
Cover Illustration: Untitled by Richard Hennessy
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 75-750600